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The Wizard Nebula hosts a youthful open star cluster, enveloped by ethereal nebulosity that, if visible to the naked eye, would span five times the size of the full moon. The expanse of the open star cluster within the nebula reaches approximately 110 light-years. The Wizard Nebula graces the constellation Cepheus, residing about 7,000 light-years from Earth. Presented here is a captivating Hubble Palette with 19 hours of exposure time.


My Astrophotography prints are available in 13x19, 11x14 and 5x7. Each captivating image is meticulously printed on premium-grade Polar Gloss Metallic photo paper, ensuring unparalleled image quality. With a commitment to excellence, every print undergoes careful scrutiny as I personally oversee the printing process and meticulously inspect each image for optimal clarity and precision. To ensure long-lasting preservation, each print is placed on acid-free backing and sealed within clear plastic bags, safeguarding its pristine condition.

Wizard Nebula

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